Indiana Life Insurance Lawyer

Do you have a delayed life insurance claim or a denied life insurance claim? We can help. Our lawyers have offices in Indiana, and will get you the full amount of your policy.

Do you work on a contingency fee basis? Yes, and we will beat any fee you are quoted from any other firm.

What is a 2 year contestability period? Within 2 years, the insurance company can request decedent's medical records and they may try to deny your claim.

If the insured didn't put the correct gender or age on the application, can I be denied? The insurance company will certainly try to fight it, but we will contest it.

If my insurance policy was denied for suicide, what can I do? We have handled countless suicide denials, and we have prevailed.

If my claim was denied due to nonpayment, what can I do? We will contest the lapse, and most likely win, as it is very likely that proper cancellation notice wasn't given.

If I have a beneficiary dispute, what can I do? We will fight for you, and most likely, we will win.

What can I do if I have an AD&D claim? We handle countless AD&D claims, and win.

What can I do if I have an ERISA claim? We handle plenty of group life insurance policy denials, and win.

Call us today to get the money you are due.